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Coil Nailers

CN-50P Apach Coil Framing/Pallet/Siding Nailer

Apach CN-50P.jpg
Apach CN-50P.jpg

CN-50P Apach Coil Framing/Pallet/Siding Nailer

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Product   Description : 

Model No: CN-50P

L x W xH: 251x117x282mm

Weight: 3.62 kgs(7.96lbs)

Operating Pressure: 70-100 psi (5-7kg)

Shank Type: Smooth, Ring & Screw

Wire Collated: .090-.113"

Plastic Collated: .063-.083" (1.6-2.1mm)

Fastener Range: 1-1/8" - 2"

Loading Capacity: 225-300 Nails

Angle: 15 degree


Accepts Both wire & Plastic Sheet Collated Nails

Powerful Motor wth Minimum Recoil

Tool-Free Depth Adjustment

Light-Weight Only 3.5 lbs (1.6kg)

Clear Magaine Cover to see Nail Quantity

Removable No-Mar Rubber Pad with Holder in Magazine

Tool-FreeSelectable Trigger - Change from Single

Sequential to Bump Fire within A Second


15 Degree or Plastic Sheet Collated Nails

Length: Wire Collated: 1-1/8 - 2"(27-50mm)

                Plastic Collated: 1-2"(25-50mm)

Shank Diameter: Wire Collated: .072-..083"(1.8-2.1mm)

                               Plastic Collated: .063-.083"(1.6-2.1mm)

Shank Type: Smooth, Screw, Ring

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