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Stiletto Hammer

Stiletto TB15MC Tibone 15oz Milled Face Hammer


Stiletto TB15MC Tibone 15oz Milled Face Hammer

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The Stiletto TB15MC is a 15 oz. Ti-Bone Milled Face Hammer with 18 in. Curved Handle. The Hammer has a Patented Side Nail Puller that eases 16p nails out with one 180° motion and Stiletto's signature Magnetic Nail Starter. The TB15MC has the comparable striking force of 28 oz. Steel hammer and is Recommended for Pole barn, Concrete, Framing and Remodeling. Stiletto Tool Company has been synonymous with high quality hand tools dating back to 1849. With its long history and strong reputation, the brand has evolved into the modern day standard for innovative, lightweight, ergonomic, productive and professional tools. We set the standard with our line of premium titanium hand tools that span numerous trades such as framing, remodeling, finish work, siding, demolition, concrete and drywall. Titanium is 45% lighter weight while providing the same striking force and strength as steel. Titanium tools also produce 10 times less recoil shock which helps reduce carpal tunnel syndrome. The combination of these features means less down time, more productivity and most importantly less pain while working.


  • Milled steel replaceable face

  • New 180 deg slide nail puller

  • Magnetic nail starter on nose of the hammer for easy one-handed nails starts in overhead work

  • 10 times less recoil shock

  • Stronger prying power than steel

  • 18" curved contoured handle

  • Ergonomically contoured handle grip is made of a hardwearing rubber designed for comfort and built to generate more leverage and power


  • Engineered for the user

  • A precision nail-driving tool

  • Solid titanium construction offers extreme durability

  • Ergonomic injection-molded grip offers great comfort and even greater control

  • Features a lightweight 15-ounce head, yet its driving force equals 24-ounce steel

  • Removeable steel nose piece allows the user to replace the face in a few minutes

  • Also features a convenient magnetic nail starter


Tech Specs:

  • Brand: Stiletto

  • Model: TB15MC

  • MPN: TB15MC

  • UPC: 662560150030

  • Type: Hammer

  • Head Weight: 15 Ounces

  • Hammer Head Material: Titanium

  • Hammer Face: Textured

  • Face Shape: round

  • Handle Length: 17 1/2 Inches

  • Handle Style: Curved

  • Handle Material: Titanium

  • Claw Type: Straight

  • Hammer Features: Gripped, Side Claw

  • Product Weight (Lbs.): 2.00 Pounds

  • Grip Type: Rubber

  • Overstrike: No

  • Nail Starter: Yes

  • Package Qty.: 1